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Customs in control !, by Waalhaven Douane Service B.V.

Your independent partner for customs activities

Waalhaven Douane Service B.V. (WDS) is an independent customs agent in the Netherlands with agents in Belgium, France and Germany. With offices in Rotterdam and Born, WDS can offer you a full service range in the area of customs clearance.

Over the past several years WDS has developed into a reliable partner for its clients. Our employees are fully qualified customs specialists, have the right knowledge and receive regular training to ensure that we are up to date with the latest developments. Questions from our clients can always be answered.

In addition we are praised by our many clients for our customer service level. We are at the client’s beck and call and handle orders and questions quickly. Through open and transparent communication our clients always know exactly where they stand.

“Customs in Control !”

WDS stands for guaranteed quality. Through our motto “Customs in Control” we want to show our clients that we treat their details carefully, and that we can assess and process them in the right way. Critically assessing the data we are supplied with prevents problems and claims at a later date. You can expect premium service from us.

Electronic data exchange

WDS is able to receive, re-use and resent electronic data. This minimises the risk of mistakes and has the advantage of allowing for tracing of all details should this be necessary.

Web portal

In addition to the electronic data exchange, WDS is developing a web portal. This portal will allow you amongst others: to send orders, check the status of your orders, download documents and check the validity of declarations. The portal will have secure access so unauthorised people cannot gain access to your confidential information.

Terminal connections

Import declarations made by WDS are, if applicable, linked to the container terminals automatically. The result is that there is no missing documentation that can cause customs blockages.

With export documentation, WDS is also able to register all documents so containers can be delivered to the terminals without problems. This is also the same for registration in Antwerp.

Documents for import and export from external parties can be registered at the terminals for a small fee.

Below is a summary of our services:

  • Import, export, transit declarations
  • Fiscal representation
  • Certificates of origin
  • Veterinary inspection process
  • Phytosanitary inspection process
  • Customs consultancy


Our mission is to offer customs services:

  • that follow the logistical flow of your goods,
  • without paying unnecessary taxes or duties,
  • with the least of formalities and costs.